Wall upholstery track system

Slim and strong: Wall upholstery track system C.E.S

Each package has 38 ½ lengths of tracks x 94″ long = 100 yards
C.E.S makes a clean edge finish. With only a quarter-inch in thickness, C.E.S is the slimmest wall upholstery track system on the market today. The track fits along all the wooden frame or molding. Building a frame upon which the fabric fits into. You will be surprise at what this slim track can do! We nickname it C.E.S slim.
The track is specially designed for residential installation.
No application of decorative braid or double welt is required with this system.
Click on the link called Tutorial videos. You will see 2 videos;  Wall upholstery mock up, part 1 and part 2. Look at the installation of the track, padding and fabric. It is a very easy process.
You may notice some changes in the length of our tracks. To make the shipping easier we have reduce it just a few inches shorter than before. But the quantity per box remains the same.
Read below about all advantages of using our wall upholstery track system.
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Wall upholstery track system

Clean Edge System™ is a unique and simple wall upholstery track system. The track is very slim and still very strong. CES track fits along baseboards, crown moldings, doors and window frames. A batting is place on each wall. Then, the fabric stretches wall by wall. The result is a perfectly even surface.
CES major trademark is the following. The remarkable flexibility allows the track to follow curves or movement of any architectural object. This includes all types of moldings, arch windows and doors too. Look at some of the pictures to prove it.
The next best feature concerns the fabric edges. No application of decorative braid, trimmings or fabric welt is necessary by the frames or edges. Yes, it is correct.
The fabric is fitted using spatulas. We highly recommend the acquisition of our specially designed spatulas to tuck the fabric. View our upholstery tools, we have 4 different kinds.

What is the difference between this track and other products?

For instance, this revolutionary wall track system makes high quality fabric walls with clean edges and clean corners. Not all tracks have these qualities. Read the 5 following arguments.

First, there is no need for additional fabric welt. Therefore glue stains are none existent.
Second, you will not find sticky tape on the track like another well known brand.
Third, the fabric is now easily changeable while the track stays in place. In fact, an installer works the fabric until he is satisfied. The fabric pulls out of the track and repositioned to the correct place.
Fourth, other tracks are not the equal to our fabric track system. Because of it’s flexibility, CES does work around arched windows and doors.
Fifth, unlike other thicker products, this slim track is installed in residential interiors without limitation.

Five important arguments

To summarize, we can definitely say that this track offers more advantages compare to other existing brands. The fabric stretches evenly on the entire surface. Now let’s go over fabric wall system once more.

  • The track takes only one-quarter inch of wall space.
  • The fabric is replaceable. And CES remains in place during the all process.
  • The fabric is not hold by glue, nor by tape or staples.
  • CES works by curved doors, windows and fancy moldings.
  • Fabric edges have a simple and elegant finish. No white edge is present all around.

As a result, fabric walls have even surface and nice simple edges. New customers should browse through pictures on the website to view the nice results. Look closely at videos made by VETHOMAN on YouTube. Besides, they will guide you with installation.

Additional information
Sometimes, CES track and angle bracket are combine together. Find out why, visit this page, why do we need an angle bracket?
– Otherwise, if you need to carry out a project using braid, we have the improved wooden slat.  A new type of slat which has a lot to offer, We name this one a Contour wall system. 
– If you project calls for thick fabric like velvet, there is a double track. The same track but bigger. The name is Big Boy and you will like it too.
– Clean Edge System™ has not only tracks but, the proper upholstery tools. For cutting and fitting the wall upholstery track system. After much research on tools, the company is now manufacturing a line of specialize tucking tools. You will be happy with them.
Length: 94″
Thickness: 1/4″
Minimum depth required for installation: 3/8″ for the molding.

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 94 × 4 × 4 in

1 box of 38 ½ lengths = 100 yards