CES, a flexible wall upholstery track system

The thing amazing about Clean Edge System™ track is it’s incredible flexibility.
You are about to discover what a flexible upholstery track does close to very challenging moldings. Compare to other fitting systems on the market, a CES track works in a room with all kind of frames.
In fact, if your project has an arch door or circle window, you can surely use CES tracks. These pictures show how unique is our wall product. We encourage you to take the challenge. Do make a mock-up around a circle frame. Play with pieces of semirigid wall track, it is a good experience and practice too.
We are so confident that we have no problems showing images taken really near the fabric.

Round objects and fancy trims

Above all, you will not be afraid to accept a project with this type of frames. And you are going to enjoy working by round windows or pillars. Just look at the pictures and videos made especially for guiding you during installations.
In short, all you need is a good track cutter, a pencil and a compressor with a brad nailer.
Cut out little triangles along the length of the semirigid wall track. Bend it to give the desired movement. Then, place it by your frame and fix to the wall. Check out the video on cutting little pieces. Watch it until the end to see how to prepare the track for fitting on curved framings.

To sum up the choice is yours. You can either cut the flat part of the track or remove small triangles if needed. It does depends upon how tight is your arch or how small is the circle.
When working around furniture frames or cabinets fitted to a wall, cut pieces, nail them one by one. You will be impressed with this flexible upholstery track.

Start shopping for upholstery tracks. Before you do, take the time to see some hand tools. Further information and videos in our other website. Watch and learn how to use 6 simple tools for woking with the flexible track system. Call if you need or have question.