Shop upholstery track : C.E.S.

This is the place to stop and shop upholstery track. Products created for residential fabric walls in homes.

Many upholsterers across the US have already adopted our track system. A simple, innovative system used in all interiors. Especially modern walls because of the clean edges. Most of all, it has fantastic feature which is the flexibility of the CES track. In fact, it fits close to fancy framings like round or oval window, even on pillars.

If you wish to learn more on this product, visit the portfolio and watch videos. Then, see the beautiful clean results on these well stretched fabric walls. Also, you may request samples of tracks by filling up the contact form. Please send us your full address. Here is the link to follow.

Our company has upholstery track and upholstery tools. Small hand tools are very useful for working with the fabric.