See the product’s list before you start shopping for wall upholstery supplies. We have tracks, tools and padding for your next fabric wall installation. Products are by category and highlighted in yellow. Then visit each page for further details.

Shop wall upholstery supplies: List of Fabric Tracks System

CLEAN EDGE SYSTEM or CES is indeed very slim, strong clean edge fabric on walls track to use in homes.
CLEAN EDGE SYSTEM BIG BOY or CES Big Boy are design to fit thick fabric. Call us for more info.
ANGLE BRACKET. In which situation do I need an angle bracket? Read in detail.
COMPENSATION STICK keeps an outer corner in a straight line without a doubt.
COMPENSATION SWITCH PLATE and sconce plate fit around electrical wall outlets. Moreover, they are such a time saver!
CONTOUR WALL SYSTEM. Use it for installing traditional wall upholstery with double welt or braid instead of wooden slats.
FABRIC CEILING SYSTEM lets you stretch many fabric on ceiling.

List of Fabric Tucking Tools

TRACK CUTTER is a powerful tool, sharp and precise. Therefore we believe it is THE hand cutter for the job.
FABRIC METAL SPATULA is for inserting a fabric in the clean edge tracks. The basic tucking tool.
SPEED ROLLER works fast in a straight line after the fabric is trim down.
PLASTIC SPATULA use it against delicate frames at the last stage.
BAY LEAF SPATULA. A rather handy upholstery tool to fit fabric in tight space and narrow angles too.
WALL UPHOLSTERY TOOL KIT is a set of 6 professional items. The complete set to work with the fabric from start to finish.

Shop for Wall Padding

LOFTY gives a high-end finish to an upholstered walls. It is a thick cotton and produced in wide width too!

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