Wall upholstery tool kit

Wall upholstery tool kit | Strong American Built | $250.00

Our catalog of products has a wall upholstery tool kit of heavy-duty items. The set of tools includes 2 fabric tuckers, one rocky, one speed roller, one bay leaf including a plastic spatula.

These 6 essential upholstery tools will do a job at installing the fabric in the track from start to finish.

  • Tucker tucks the fabric in place on a wall or into a panel.
  • The Angle Tucker reaches in less accessible places.
  • Rocky is designed for inserting the fabric after it is tacked in the beginning. Rock it back and forth for pushing the fabric in the track.
  • Speed roller provides quick and steady insertion of the fabric. A short video is available soon.
  • Bay Leaf helps you access tight areas.
  • A Plastic spatula works very well against delicate molding. Use it at the last stage.

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Wall upholstery tool kit

In the Thoman’s wall upholstery tool kit, we have a set of 6 tools for fabric walls. You will use them at different stages of the installation. These hard to find specialty fabric tucking products have stainless steel plates but also, have excellent wood handles. In total the set has 5 strong American built plus the bonus the plastic spatula. The tools are presented in the order of use in a project. But we have a video that shows the set of tools used in room.

Closer look at the Thoman Kit.

To begin with, we have the Tacker. It has a special flat plate with a 5-inch handle. Use it in the beginning, when stretching and fitting the fabric in the track. So, this tool tucks the fabric from place to place around a wall or a panel.

The Angle Tacker compared to the one described above has a bent plate. It facilitate tucking in hard place. A useful upholstery tool for working close to a ceiling and floor.

Next in the tool set, there is a Rocky which has an 11″ working plate. Rocky is design for inserting the fabric after it is in the correct place. Rock it back and forth for pushing the fabric in the track.
All your fingers fit comfortably inside the handle.
Please note the spatula plate could be sharp when brand new. We recommend to sand down the sharp edges with very fine sandpaper. Always use caution with thin fabric.

Speed roller provides quick and steady tucking of the fabric in the straight line. A very short video of the hand tool is available. You can read more about speed roller since it is sold separately. Don’t use it tight arch doors or windows, only in straight line or large curve.

Once you finish working a large space, you will need to reach small area. Take you Bay Leaf and push the fabric in the track with the tip of the tool.

Lastly, we include in the tool kit, our plastic spatula. The plastic spatula works by delicate moldings. Of course, it will not last as long as the other heavy duty spatulas. Besides, if you need more, you are able to buy some by the piece.

Professional upholstery tools

Remember these products are manufacture by our company. We stand behind our set of tools, so if you have any issues with one of them, let us know. We will replace it. Your feedback is important, please contact Clean Edge System.
For your repeated projects consider our high quality upholstery kit for fabric walls. It is a good value for 6 items.

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