Upholstery Tracks: 6 amazing products

These unique tracks systems are the solution for stretching the fabric on walls and ceilings. They are all 94″ in length.
The main upholstery track in our small line of product is Clean Edge System or CES fitting everywhere in a residential interior.

First of all, CES is a slim product taking barely any space at all in a room. Yes, It is only ¼” in projection!
The most important feature is the flexibility. It literally fits in ALL places like around windows, arched doors and fancy molding below window seals. See how it is installed in a 2 parts video.
Angle bracket is an associated product working with the CES track. For instance, in situation where there is no frames. Please read carefully in the page as how to use it.

Other fabric wall systems

Check out the Big Boy. It is like the CES but double in height with ½ inch.
You will see other items in addition to the main track like a Compensation stick and Contour Wall System. Click on the track section and learn more about them. Then, for cutting all these products mentioned above, we will suggest a sharp cutter.

Track system for ceiling

We combine Big Bracket with the Big Boy and we get a strong solution for stretching a textile on the ceiling. But we have a great solution for a seamless finish. Check out the ceiling products.

Finally, you will need special hand tools. All items will make your job easy!
But wait we have a new item for the walls. A wide width and thick padding.

Please note, due to the variety of packaging, tracks and tools orders are only process over the phone. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

ceiling system for fabric
fabric system to cover ceiling
Fabric ceiling system

Fabric Ceiling System and Big Bracket

It is the perfect Duo for installing fabric on ceilings.
Mount the Big Bracket with the Big Boy Track to the perimeter of the ceiling, then tuck the fabric in the groove.

The system accepts and holds tight a variety of fabrics.

Also, if you combine a wide width fabrics, you will create a seamless finish to the ceiling. Ask for our special fabric in 197″ wide, just over 16 feet.

– Like all other tracks they are 94″ long.

– Projection once installed is ⅝”.

– Both tracks are sold in equal quantity. You will receive 15 lengths of Big Bracket and 15 of Big Boy tracks.
– A total of 117 feet or 39 yards

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clean edge system big boy track
Clean Edge System Big Boy

Clean Edge System Big Boy

A track design to fit velvet or similar thickness of fabrics.

The installation procedure is exactly the same as C.E.S slim track. Clean Edge System Big Boy has 2 rows of double lips. The perfect candidate for thick fabric like faux leather and velvet and other fabrics of this kind. You will be amazed by the strength of this track.

– Thickness is ½” projection.

– A Big Boy Track is 94″ long.

– Each package has 30 lengths of Big Boy tracks equal 235 feet.


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compensation stick-wall upholstery
Compensation Stick

1 box of 13 sticks x 94″ long

Compensation stick is used in all type of wall upholstery installation

Use this product all around the room for conventional wall upholstery by replacing the stripes of wood with a compensation stick. The great bonus is that compare to wooden stripes, our stick will not split, even with finish nails. The proof is in the thumbnail photos.

In clean edge wall upholstery, we use it mostly in outside corners. Place it 1/4″ away from the edge. It will keep the wall evenly stretched from top to bottom and side to side.
Compensation stick is a discreet white stick also installed by electrical outlets. Learn more here.
It is very easy to cut it with the sharp track cutter tool.
Each length is 94” long. There are 13 lengths per box.
Informations about this item below.

Our tracks are not sold online, CALL TO PLACE YOUR ORDER 

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contour wall system
decorative nail on upholstery track
Contour Wall System

1 box of 40 pieces x 94″long = 313 feet

Contour wall system replaces the traditional wooden slat.

A simple product perfect for fabric on walls which requires the use of decorative trimmings. Fit the flexible Contour Wall System as you would normally do if you were using wood trims. Staple the fabric on the CWS. Then add your pretty fabric edges like flat braid, welt or decorative nails. You are done.

Product bonus:

♥ It does not split like wood.

♥ Easy to cut in pieces even 45 degree angle.

♥ You install Contour Wall System with any staples or brad nails.

♥ It is discrete and made from white flexible material.
For cutting each piece, use the sharp track cutter tool.

To order tracks, call 512-539-9743

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Angle bracket-wall upholstery
Angle bracket

Each box has 13 lengths of 94″ equal 101 feet.

Angle bracket optional track

An L shaped angle bracket is needed in rare cases. For example, It corrects a lack of molding and narrow framing too. It is a convenient product to have in stock. An angle bracket is placed before the clean edge system. Use it also by the ceiling if no crown molding or bad ceiling line.

Why do I need this angle bracket for wall upholstery?
The answer to this question is found in the description below.

We have changed the length of each track from 98″ to 94″. Just a few inches shorter than before, but the quantity is still 13 pieces.

Angle bracket is not sold online, PLEASE CALL US TO ORDER 512-539-9743

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wall upholstery track system CES
Wall upholstery track system

Slim and strong: Wall upholstery track system C.E.S

Each package has 38 ½ lengths of tracks x 94″ long = 100 yards
C.E.S makes a clean edge finish. With only a quarter-inch in thickness, C.E.S is the slimmest wall upholstery track system on the market today. The track fits along all the wooden frame or molding. Building a frame upon which the fabric fits into. You will be surprise at what this slim track can do! We nickname it C.E.S slim.
The track is specially designed for residential installation.
No application of decorative braid or double welt is required with this system.
Click on the link called Tutorial videos. You will see 2 videos;  Wall upholstery mock up, part 1 and part 2. Look at the installation of the track, padding and fabric. It is a very easy process.
You may notice some changes in the length of our tracks. To make the shipping easier we have reduce it just a few inches shorter than before. But the quantity per box remains the same.
Read below about all advantages of using our wall upholstery track system.
PLEASE CALL 512-539-9743 TO ORDER 
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