Speed roller

Speed roller for the finishing line | $68.00

For fast fabric tucking, we have a speed roller. The upholstery tool rolls in the clean edge track system inserting the fabric quickly.

It works with our tracks or other brands.

The roller is used at the final stage for a clean edge finish on straight lines. After the fabric is correctly placed on the wall and trimmed to the minimum.

Design and build in USA by Clean Edge System. Solid wood handle has a large opening to fit big hands. View the fabric tucking tool video.

Must read instructions on this product below.

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When do I use a Speed roller?

Take your speed roller out of your toolbox only towards the end of a fabric installation, once you are happy with your work.
It is now the final stage: The fabric is place on the wall or in the panel. You have reduce or trim down the fabric to ¼” to 3/8″. Then, you use the speed roller.

Roll the wheel in the remaining fabric forward and backward until it ceases to be visible.
The disc is big enough for working with track system thicker than 1/4″ or 1″, even 2″

Where do I use the speed roller?

This tool works well on straight lines. Here are a few tips.

  • Start slowly to see how you are doing. Keep your hand steady. Use one hand or two.
  • Hold it to suit the best situation. Note for ceiling the disc is on top.
  • Always check that moldings or framings are not in the way of the wheel. That is at corners or tight curves.
  • Stop before you reach corners and do the rest with a plastic spatula or a bay leaf spatula.
  • Test it in case of delicate paint or stain molding. Instead, use the plastic spatula.

American build tool

We are happy to report that speed roller is part of a new line of tools. It is design by our company and sold to professional wall upholsters. The handle is from solid wood and the hard Stainless Steel wheel is 4 inch wide. A strong tool is the result of more than 30 years of experience. And proud to state that our new tools are built in the United States.

Watch a one minute video
and see how this product works. Our Youtube channel.

The tucking tool kit includes 5 spatulas and the roller.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs

Stainless steel blade, Handle rubber