CES wall track system makes good wall upholstery.

CES wall track system is a simple track utilize in wall upholstery. Actually, CES means Clean Edge System. Upholsterers install this track instead of traditional wood slats or staples. In fact, we have used it for several decades and every installation was a success. Interior Designers really like this product because it works very well in modern homes.

Why do professionals favor CES wall track system?

The main reason is the fabric is fitted in a simple manner. No ornate trimmings are glued around the room. As a result fabric walls have a completely different look. At the same time, walls are straight forward and elegant too. This makes our track becoming so popular in the industry. Wall upholstery is now welcome in our contemporary rooms in the house.

We invite you to look at the portfolio of images. You will see some challenges successfully achieved using CES wall track on walls and ceilings.