Track cutter | Clean cut | Precise

So far, this cutter is all around one of the best hand tool that our company has ever used It is a very efficient product.

There is three reasons as why we do recommend that particular cutting tool.  It is a high quality professional product.
First is the cutter strength.
It has a mechanism that multiply the cutting force by 80%. So we need to use less pressure in our hand to cut thicker material. Therefore cutting wall upholstery track is very easy.
Second the cutter platform.
The platform sizes’ is just incredible, under 3 inch long.  As a result, it is possible to cut wider object. On each side, there is ridge at 45 degree angle. That handy feature keeps the track stable when a piece is in the process of being cut. Our favorite trademark is the inscription on the platform. We really like them as they make our work much fast. Find the proper angle, place the track against the line then cut. You are done.
Third is the blade
An extra long blade made off excellent quality. The blade makes clean and precise cut various angle.

A powerful tool.

Not only our brand, the Clean Edge System™ track, or Angle bracket and Contour wall system, but also other thicker tracks.

In conclusion. For anyone who needs to use a cutter on a regular basis, this is the tool.Treat it well, it might be a lifetime upholstery tool.
Visit the product page to see it in details and you can watch a video on YouTube.