Compensation Stick

1 box of 13 sticks x 94″ long

Compensation stick is used in all type of wall upholstery installation

Use this product all around the room for conventional wall upholstery by replacing the stripes of wood with a compensation stick. The great bonus is that compare to wooden stripes, our stick will not split, even with finish nails. The proof is in the thumbnail photos.

In clean edge wall upholstery, we use it mostly in outside corners. Place it 1/4″ away from the edge. It will keep the wall evenly stretched from top to bottom and side to side.
Compensation stick is a discreet white stick also installed by electrical outlets. Learn more here.
It is very easy to cut it with the sharp track cutter tool.
Each length is 94” long. There are 13 lengths per box.
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Another good reason for using a compensation stick.

If placed on all outer corners, you will surely get a straight and vertical fabric line.
A compensation stick gives a good support to the fabric where two walls form an external angle. Sometimes walls angle are not straight due to the sheet rock. The plaster could also be uneven. Or the corner protector strip is deform or even slightly twisted. Use one stick to compensate then you will make an excellent wall upholstery job.

How to use the compensation stick?

Cut it to the desire length. Each end should have angle of 45 degree. Position the stick ¼” over the edge of the angle to compensate with the width of the padding and CES. Nail it to the wall.
Note Compensation stick has the same thickness as CES track. It is 1/4 inch thick by 1 ¼ inch wide.

Made from white plastic, it stays invisible even through light color fabric.

Not only it is placed at outside angles, but also combine with a compensation switch plate. It becomes an extension piece when there is 3 outlet switches next to each other. Visit the product page and read further on this topic.

For cutting a compensation stick, there is the reliable track cutter. Best is to look at the following short video. It speaks for itself.

Length: 94″
Thickness: 1/4″
Width: 1 1/4″

Additional information


94" x 1 1/4" x 1/4"


1 box of 13 lengths





Weigth per length

0.57 lbs