Wall upholstery supplies for residential job

Do you have difficulties in finding wall upholstery supplies? You may ask yourself, do I have the correct products for my next project?

CleanEdgeSystem.com has the solution. We supply upholsterers, drapery workrooms, and installers. Our company has a simple track fitting in residential homes. Indeed, VETHOMAN has installed them for over two decades. Interior Designers are very happy with the result. In fact, they fit perfectely in modern interiors. Clients who wish to get wall upholstery with clean edges are just thrilled. In fact, more and more professionals are already using this special track in private homes.

Where to get wall upholstery supplies?

Visit the following website at CleanEdgeSystem.com. You will learn about everything on clean edge track. Including the upholstery tools involved in the fitting of the fabric.
First, go to the shop page, there is a list of tracks and tools. Each product has a full description.
Then you may want to see some videos. View our upholstery tools in action like the track cutter. Now, for those you like to see pictures of end result, go to the wall upholstery page.

Finally, you can request samples of tracks. As soon as we get the online form, we will send your samples along with a brochure.