Track Cutter Tool

Track cutter tool | Strong build |

Our favorite track cutter tool is this product. It is strongly build and offer many great features.
We believe it is one of the best hand cutter making precision miter cuts. Our company recommends it for cutting our wall upholstery tracks; the famous Clean Edge System track. You will use all day without any difficulty.

What makes our track cutter tool different from others?


Read the answer below and watch the cutter in action.

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To begin with, we use the track cutter tool on every single job. It is an amazing product. Without a doubt, this cutter saves us time and effort. It will do the same for you too. Enjoy cutting lengths of tracks all day without any difficulty. As a matter of fact, you will not go back to any other cutting tool after trying this one.
Before reading below as why this tool is better than other brand. I invite you to look at a 3 minutes video. See the track cutter  in action. We cut several tracks of different thicknesses. Not to mention, a right or left hand person can use this upholstery tool.  Now, let see it up close.

Why is our cutter different from others?

1.  The blade

The cutter has an extreme resilient blade made from high-quality steel alloys resistant to severe temperature. Surely, a razor-sharp long blade cuts with clean and smooth shaving action.

2.  The platform
This platform is just owesome. It has all inscriptions needed for cutting. Also, the cutting length is 75mm which is more than the standard 50mm operation. Indeed, it is the perfect tool for cutting wider materials. With an extra long platform and sharp blades, the track cutter tool is for these reasons precise. Additionally, each side of the platform has a guide for cutting at 45 degree.

3. Easy cut system
Finally, the best and greatest feature is its multiplied force. The upholstery hand tool cuts thicker and wider materials without an increase of extreme pressure from your hand. So, this system saves you up to 80% of powder making a 45 degree angle cuts a one time operation. A painless day of work. Given these points, you should think about all the above features, then get your tool today. You will be glad you bought it.


To summarize, compare to various hand tool present on the market, this brand and model is probably the best for the job.

The track cutter tool has other material applications. For example, cutting strips of plastic, rubber, and wood molding. Cutting through leather, synthetic, Durex, and PVC.

Weight: 390 g (0.85 lbs)
Dimensions: (L. 9.6″ x H. 3″ x W. 3″)
Safety lock mechanism.
Handle: Plastic grip

With your upholstery supplies, don’t forget a track cutter tool.

Additional information

Weight0.9 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 3 × 3 in

0.85 lbs