Upholstery supply

Our company specializes in upholstery supply for installing wall upholstery in residential homes. VETHOMAN’s tracks are very different from other brands. These products are well adapted to fit in a house. For example, architectural or complex molding brings serious challenges. These tracks works around this type of framings without any problems. For over 2 decades, we have used them in many rooms on walls and ceilings too.

Online Upholstery supply and tools

Good news for upholsters, you are now able to see our wall upholstery supplies online.

Installers and upholsterers look at our unique upholstery supply online right here. We have a complete line of wall upholstery track and tools. These products are so different from any others already on the market.

 Simple Tracks

Together we have 2 tracks. Make your choice depending upon the type of finish you like to achieve, with or without welt. Then, pick your tools accordingly.
One makes clean edge wall upholstery. It is called CES. The second track is for traditional installation. We name it, Contour wall system.

Specialized hand tools

After selecting the correct track, look for your hand tools. Each item presented has a full description. An of course, we help you with installation. So, do not forget to visit the page of videos. When you are ready, create and account or call us with your order.

CleanEdgeSystem.com is a website dedicated to wall upholstery supply.

You may not know them yet but We guaranty that you will enjoy using our famous clean edge system track. This product is slim and simple to use everywhere in a home. We make available to you tutorial videos for installing them at your clients’ residence.

lofty wall padding
padding for wall upholstery
Lofty wall padding

A friendly acoustical layer | Lofty wall padding

The LOFTY wall padding is the perfect underlayer in wall upholstery. Lofty and CES tracks work very well together. A great combination as they are both 1/4″ thick.

This new product is in stock and the specification are as follow:

  • A 100% natural cotton made in the USA.
  • It is 110″ wide. For your convenience Lofty will be shipped folded in half.
  • A bolt has 15 yards equal 45 feet.
  • Lotfy wall padding is 1/4″ in thickness.
  • The bolt weight is 30lbs.

For example, 1 roll of 15 yards used railroad will upholster a room of 10′ x 10′ with 9′ in height. The bonus is a minimal waste and stapling and fast installation.

Ask for a sample, click here.

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wall upholstery tool kit
Wall upholstery tool kit

Wall upholstery tool kit | Strong American Built

Our catalog of products has a wall upholstery tool kit of heavy-duty items. The deluxe series includes 2 spatulas, one rocky, one speed roller, one bay including a plastic spatula.

These 5 essential upholstery tools will do a job at installing the fabric in the track from start to finish.

  • Tacker tacks the fabric in place on a wall or into a panel.
  • The Angle Tacker reaches in less accessible places.
  • Rocky is designed for inserting the fabric after it is tacked in the beginning. Rock it back and forth for pushing the fabric in the track.
  • Speed roller provides quick and steady insertion of the fabric in a straight line. A short video is available soon.
  • Bay Leaf helps you access tight areas.
  • A Plastic spatula works very well against delicate molding. Use it at the last stage.

More information below.

Call 512-539-9743 to pre-order a Thoman’s Kit by 09/15 and you receive a free Fabric metal spatula.

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Clean edge System Big Boy
Clean Edge System Big Boy

Clean Edge System Big Boy is designed to fit velvet or similar thickness of fabrics.

The installation procedure is exactly the same as C.E.S slim track. Clean Edge System Big Boy has 2 rows of double lips. The perfect candidate for thick fabric like faux leather and velvet and other fabrics of this kind. You will be amazed by the strength of this track.
– The track has ½ projection.

– A  Big Boy Track is 94″ long.

– Each package has 30 lengths of Big Boy tracks equal 235 feet.


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long nose stapler
Long Nose Stapler – 21 Gauge

½” Crown – Long Nose Stapler | $179.00

For project requiring longer reach, use a long nose stapler. This tool gives easy access to difficult areas. Stapling closer to the ceiling, moldings, beams or by the edge of difficult windows. VETHOMAN has several long nose in his workshop. You can’t miss it, it’s an apple green color. We enjoy working all day long with this compact stapler.

Why should you get this stapler like this one? Read the description…

Call 512-539-9743 to place an order

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narrow crown stapler.
Narrow Crown Stapler – 18 Gauge

Narrow Crown Stapler | $159.00

A powerful slim 1/4″ narrow crown stapler is a quality wall upholstery tool.
VE THOMAN uses a narrow nose stapler for his own job. It is a good stapler to attach tracks on walls in tight spaces. This type of stapler is perfect to carry in your toolbox. Read more and watch the video

Call to order a stapler at 512-539-9743

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bay leaf spatula
Bay Leaf Spatula

Bay leaf spatula | Narrow blade | $25.00

It is a must have on a wall upholstery job along with the metal spatula or Ergo spatula.
A useful small tool to finish inserting or pushing the fabric in tight and narrow space. Excellent quality and well made upholstery tool when working with Clean edge tracks ( C.E.S. or B.B. tracks).

To order a bay leal spatula, call 512-539-9743

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Fabric Metal spatula
ergonomic fabric spatula
Fabric metal spatula

Fabric Metal spatula, the best

The perfect and necessary tool for inserting a fabric into the CES or Clean Edge System™. Use this spatula with a rocking motion. It is the best spatula ever created for clean edge wall upholstery. Available with a straight or ergonomic handle.
Further instruction on how to use it below.

Straight handle $25.00 | Ergonomic handle $35.00

Contact us at 512-539-9743 for your order of spatula and other supplies

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Compensation switch plate -Single
sconce compensation plate
Compensation Switch Plate

Compensation Switch Plate | Sconce Plate

Outlets need to be raised at the same level as the fabric. To avoid plate covers from sinking into the wall, we highly recommend getting a compensation switch plate or sconce plate.
These are specially created and designed by Clean Edge System to make quality installation.
Furthermore, a compensation switch plate saves precious installation time. 

For your convenience, we have two different sizes; single and double plate.
For multiple switches, use the double plate, cut in half vertically, add a piece of compensation stick in between to make an extend plate. ⇐ Look at the thumbnails pictures.
How to install? Watch the video on Youtube or just below.

Single plate: $3.50 each
Double plate: $5.00 each
Sconce plate: $5.00 each

For further description, read about compensation switch plate below. 

Call to order your wall upholstery supplies at 512-539-9743

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upholstery plastic spatula tool
Plastic Spatula

Plastic spatula for delicate frames | $15.00

Specially designed for inserting the fabric into the Clean edge system™ track. The spatula has a quarter circle form. Hold it in your hand, move the wrist back and forth to make a rocking motion.
A handy tool to use along ceiling or delicate molding. Made from white plastic only. It does not leaves any markings on frames.

How to use this product, read description below.

Call us at 512-539-9743 to order.


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compensation stick-wall upholstery
Compensation Stick

1 box of 13 sticks x 94″ long

Compensation stick is used in all type of wall upholstery installation

Use this product all around the room for conventional wall upholstery by replacing the stripes of wood with a compensation stick. The great bonus is that compare to wooden stripes, our stick will not split, even with finish nails. The proof is in the thumbnail photos.

In clean edge wall upholstery, we use it mostly in outside corners. Place it 1/4″ away from the edge. It will keep the wall evenly stretched from top to bottom and side to side.
Compensation stick is a discreet white stick also installed by electrical outlets. Learn more here.
It is very easy to cut it with the sharp track cutter tool.
Each length is 94” long. There are 13 lengths per box.
Informations about this item below.

Our tracks are not sold online, CALL TO PLACE YOUR ORDER 

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contour wall system
decorative nail on upholstery track
Contour Wall System

1 box of 40 pieces x 94″long = 313 feet

Contour wall system replaces the traditional wooden slat.

A simple product perfect for fabric on walls which requires the use of decorative trimmings. Fit the flexible PVC Contour Wall System as you would normally do if you were using wood trims. Staple the fabric on the CWS. Then add your pretty fabric edges like flat braid, welt or decorative nails. You are done.

Product bonus:

♥ It does not split like wood.

♥ Easy to cut in pieces even 45 degree angle.

♥ You install Contour Wall System with any staples or brad nails.

♥ It is discrete and made from white flexible PVC
For cutting each piece, use the sharp track cutter tool.

To order tracks, call 512-539-9743

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Angle bracket-wall upholstery
Angle bracket

Each box has 13 lengths of 94″ equal 101 feet.

Angle bracket optional track

An L shaped angle bracket is needed in rare cases. For example, It corrects a lack of molding and narrow framing too. It is a convenient product to have in stock. An angle bracket is placed before the clean edge system. Use it also by the ceiling if no crown molding or bad ceiling line.

Why do I need this angle bracket for wall upholstery? The answer to this question is found in the description.

We have changed the length of each track from 98″ to 94″. Just a few inches shorter than before, but the quantity is still 13 pieces.

Angle bracket is not sold online, PLEASE CALL US TO ORDER 512-539-9743

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