Upholstery supply

Our company specializes in upholstery supply for installing wall upholstery in residential homes. VETHOMAN’s tracks are very different from other brands. These products are well adapted to fit in a house. For example, architectural or complex molding brings serious challenges. These tracks works around this type of framings without any problems. For over 2 decades, we have used them in many rooms on walls and ceilings too.

Online Upholstery supply and tools

Good news for upholsters, you are now able to see our wall upholstery supplies online.

Installers and upholsterers look at our unique upholstery supply online right here. We have a complete line of wall upholstery track and tools. These products are so different from any others already on the market.

Altogether we have 2 tracks. Make your choice depending upon the type of finish you like to achieve, with or without welt. Then, pick your tools accordingly.
One makes clean edge wall upholstery. It is called CES. The second track is for traditional installation. We name it, Contour wall system.

After selecting the correct track, look for your hand tools. Each item presented has a full description. An of course, we help you with installation. So, do not forget to visit the page of videos. When you are ready, create and account or call us with your order.

CleanEdgeSystem.com is a website dedicated to wall upholstery supply.

You may not know them yet but We guaranty that you will enjoy using our famous clean edge system track. This product is slim and simple to use everywhere in a home. We make available to you tutorial videos for installing them at your clients’ residence.