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A word from the founder and owner. Let’s make great wall upholstery project in homes, You and Me!

Profile: Eric A. Thoman is the founder of Clean Edge System,LLC dba VE THOMAN. Born in the United States and raised in Paris, France, where he learned his trade. He studied at Ecole d’ Ameublement de Paris, Ecole de la Bonne Graine.
He acquired an extensive experience working for the high-end French workshop.
Among, the list of famous historical monuments in Europe, Eric work is visible at Château de Versailles, Château La Malmaison to name a few.
Then, life lead him to Casablanca, Morocco where he was the managing director of the Upholstery Department for the King’s palaces. In 2005, he moved back to his home land to start a new chapter with a wall upholstery business.

A story of passion

Eric’s passion for wall upholstery started early in his career.
Some years ago, Eric finally achieved his goal with a clean edge system track. To compliment the tracks he has invented a range of items such as compensation switch plates for raising outlets and sconces plates.
Furthermore finding the correct hand tools was a challenge, so he decided to create his own line. A short while ago, a small collection of 5 tools were designed for working with wall upholstery. They have the perfect shapes for tucking fabric in wall tracks.

To sum up Eric works with each product over and over until each item passes the test before getting in your hands. Therefore Mr. Thoman commits to provide his customers with the best products.
Upholstery tools and tracks are selected for their efficiency and strength. And he knows that you will enjoy using them as much as he does.
In the meantime, the owner is still working on new products to improve wall upholstery installation for him and for you too!

wall upholstery fabric install by professionals

Trainings are available on job site to business owner or installer in fabric walls.
Read a good blog article from a happy client in MA: Eric Thoman worked with our team member Ryan on this Central Park West apartment project in NYC. Eric is a master wall upholsterer, based in Austin. And, his nickname is master Yoda!
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