CLEAN EDGE SYSTEM contact information
Contact us, We are here to lead you into the world of clean edge wall upholstery.

Do you have any dilemma?

Please, don’t be afraid to tell us about your project and the type of application. For example, if you have any technical issue, we can meet face to face and talk on Skype at VETHOMAN.
Furthermore, it is always preferable to speak to a specialist to solve a problem quickly and efficiently. If you prefer to call, it’s fine too.  Let’s start the dialogue and connect by phone.

How to place your order

We are happy to process your order over the phone from Monday to Saturday.  Note that, we do accept several types of payments.
Also, do you need tracks or padding samples? Fill up the form  and tell us a little about yourself. Please write your business name and the full address including the name of the person to contact in your company.


 Phone (512) – 539 – 9743
 Skype VETHOMAN (Technical support)
 Address Clean Edge System,LLC. Austin, TX 78727