Angle bracket

Each box has 13 lengths of 94″ equal 101 feet.

Angle bracket optional track

An L shaped angle bracket is needed in rare cases. For example, It corrects a lack of molding and narrow framing too. It is a convenient product to have in stock. An angle bracket is placed before the clean edge system. Use it also by the ceiling if no crown molding or bad ceiling line.

Why do I need this angle bracket for wall upholstery?
The answer to this question is found in the description below.

We have changed the length of each track from 98″ to 94″. Just a few inches shorter than before, but the quantity is still 13 pieces.

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Angle bracket

The purpose of an L shaped angle bracket is to rectify an expected or unexpected problem due to inadequate framing.

Do I need an angle bracket for every wall upholstery installation?

No, you don’t. Only in some cases, baseboards or crown moldings are too narrow. Sometimes framing is not in good condition or simply have a rounded edge. A ceiling may not have any nice moldings or not at all.

How do I use angle bracket with Clean Edge System™?

Cut the bracket to the same length as the CES track and place on the wall against the molding/framing. Fix with brad nails then add the Clean Edge System™. Or fit them at the same time if you feel confident. Proceed with the padding. Then insert the fabric between the CES and the angle bracket using a metal spatula.

An angle bracket behind the CES track creates a good grip for the fabric and compensate a lack of firm hold.
This product is often used at a ceiling line when there is no crown molding. When no frame is available, this track recreates that frame for holding the fabric in place. Here is an example or two.

Let say, there is a wall in the middle of a room dividing a large space. But you can still work around as both ends of that wall don’t touch any other wall. It is a stand-alone wall. Just fit bracket + CES along those openings. Yet, another place where you can use it, like wooden beams. They could sometimes be rough.
In conclusion, it is a very discrete piece of problem-solving. If you would like to see some pictures, visit this site, try to find them!

A final note: Those brackets will not tear the fabric. They are from white plastic like all the tracks.

Length: 94″
Thickness at the angle: 5/16″
Width: 1 7/16 “

Additional information

Dimensions96 × 4 × 4 in

94" x 1 7/16" x 5/16"

Weight per length

0.35 lbs each


1 box of 13 lengths