Tutorials will guide you for using our products.

A series of tutorial videos on wall upholstery below are on the following subjects. Clean edge tracks and Traditional wall upholstery tracks.
You will see our upholstery hand tools in action. Learn how to cut and fix VETHOMAN’s wall upholstery tracks. You will also learn to install the tracks, and fit fabric in wall panels. Then, look at a short video about switches and outlets. And find the easy way to work around electrical wall outlets by using a compensation switch plate.

Watch closely at the tutorial videos wall upholstery.

What is a Clean Edge track? It is a fabric track system that eliminates the use of decorative trimmings by the wooden frames. The fabric finish is simple. It stops clean right against the molding. Making the edges free from any braids after the installation is complete. VE THOMAN has a track called CES or Clean Edge System™. The track fits all around the room and by all the openings. CES makes remarkable installation.
Majorities of wall upholstery in homes have the fabric stapled to the walls. Since tacks and staples much progress was made to improve the look. Of course, there are already a few tracks out there but they have their limitations.
Finally, we have the solution for homeowners’ contemporary interiors. Our company has a unique fabric system. That said, best way is to look at these videos. Consequently, go the shop to see each product.

Lastly for those who wish to keep using fabric welt and cord. We have another simple track to use in traditional wall upholstery. It is called a contour wall system.
In short, some upholsterers particularly like this product because it does not split or damage the fabric.
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