Fabric metal spatula

Fabric Metal spatula, the best | $35.00 or $45.00

The perfect and necessary tool for tucking a fabric into the CES or Clean Edge System™. Use this spatula with a rocking motion. It is the best fabric on wall tool ever created for clean edge wall upholstery.
This fabric tucking tool works on all track systems on walls and ceilings.

Two different handles available



Further instruction on how to use it below.

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Fabric Metal spatula, an essential tucking tool.

After, your tracks are installed in the perimeter. Take a metal spatula when is the time for stretching the fabric on walls.
The metal spatula makes you fit the fabric to the walls. It is specially design for tucking the fabric in the Clean Edge System™ or CES track.
But it works on other tracks too! This means that the fabric stretching tool works on commercial tracks. Because of the rounded shape and the deep plate, the tool pouch the fabric deep down.
However the tool is sold with a straight or ergonomic handle. Choose the one you prefer.

How to use the fabric tucking tool?

Use the quarter circle shape upholstery fitting tool with a rocking motion for tucking the cloth deeply in the track’s groove. Secure it around the perimeter of your panel or wall.

Start at the center of each wall and work your way to the right and to the left. But, here comes a really interesting feature of the CES track. If you feel for some reason, the fabric is at the wrong place, pull it out from the groove then reposition.
We advise our customers to have several metal spatulas, one for each installer. Futhermore it is a good idea to have spare tucking tool in case you cover a large wall.

The stainless steel plate will not rust.

Also, remember to use a plastic spatula at the final step of the installation. Actually, time will come when you wish you have one hand on a job site. A plastic spatula has the same shape as the metal. It is a tucking tool for the excess fabric.

You may like to see other upholstery fitting tools. We have some for tucking in various area in a room like by the ceiling or in tight corners. Check them out in the TOOLS page.

To conclude, we will never stress enough the importance to possess the correct working tools. For best and fast results, get yourself the proper hand tools.
To view what you can achieve by using our products, be sure to see our YouTube channel. We made a few videos on Wall upholstery projects. The link is vethoman wall upholstery. See what a little fabric metal spatula can do. It is the ideal and basic fabric stretching tool.

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