3 types of spacer plates

What are compensation plates? The perfect solution for working by all kinds of wall outlets. It is a popular product that upholsterers find handy in wall upholstery installation.

The first 2 are for rising a switch or plugs.
This product comes in 2 sizes, single and double. Well it is simple, single for a one electrical outlet and double for two outlets or switches.
The installation process is very easy. Place it around the box and fix it using brad nails. In case of multiple switches, please do the following. Cut a double plate in half then add a small length of compensation stick. Visit the page to see in details.

The third is a Compensation sconce plate.
It fits around the hole for wall scones. The plate has a round shape in the center because most boxes in the wall are round. Fit it like the other item. Actually, they work also on ceilings where you find spot lights.

In short, both of these plates are so useful. You will be happy to have them because fabric wall plate  they are just time saver. The fabric stretches over the wall and do not sink at the outlets. CES track and plate have the same thickness.
The result is an even surface all around.

In case you need to cut a plate, use a cutter. You will find the  track cutter tool on this page.

To conclude a short story. Once I had a client on the phone who wanted this item but could not remember the name so it come out like this.” I would like some gizmo for the walls! We both had a good laugh but I knew what the client meant.

Compensation switch plate -Single
Compensation switch plate - double outlet
Compensation Switch Plate

Compensation Switch Plate | Sconce Plate

Outlets need to be raised at the same level as the fabric. To avoid plate covers from sinking into the wall, we highly recommend getting a compensation switch plate or sconce plate.
These are specially created and designed by Clean Edge System to make quality installation.
Furthermore, an outlet plate saves precious installation time. 

For your convenience, we have two different sizes; single and double plate.
For multiple switches, use the double plate, cut in half vertically, add a piece of compensation stick in between to make an extend plate. ⇐ Look at the thumbnails pictures.
How to install? Watch the video on Youtube or just below.

Single plate: $4.00 each
Double plate: $5.50 each
Sconce plate: $5.50 each

For further description, read about compensation switch plate below. 

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