Wall upholstery projects and products tour!

Take a little tour and view our wall upholstery tracks and tools. Not only we sell supplies for installing fabric on walls, but we present a lot of information on these products. It includes videos, slideshows, descriptions, instructions, tips and much more.

We have in Clean Edge System tag, several media showing what is possible to achieve with our residential tracks. For example, the flexibility of the fabric system and various interior challenges completed successfully by these tracks. Note to mention, the best feature of all; installations are edge free from fancy braids. You will see a video presenting an installation in great details.

Next tag is the wall upholstery slat. We show an alternative to the famous wooden slat. In the section, Contour Wall system makes traditional wall upholstery. Note that this one requires additional trimmings.

The last tag has tutorial videos on various subjects such as How to use hand tools or how to install outlet plates. Most important is the track’s installation step by step.

Finally, throughout this site, you will see images of incredible fabric walls installation made in all style of residential interiors. If you are a professional searching for a solution to a wall upholstery project in a home, you are definitively at the right place. Welcome!