We use upholstery tools every day for wall upholstery project.

All upholstery tools selected are chosen for their strength, efficiency and durability. We do know how important it is to have reliable upholstery tools in our hands. For this reason, VE THOMAN recommends installers and upholsterers to look at them carefully. This handpicked choice of products is perfect for installing wall upholstery. We make them available to you. To see detailed description of each item and prices, visit the SHOP page.

Wall upholstery installation is a trade performed by a qualified upholsterer. And the tools presented are good quality products. Therefore, possessing the proper upholstery tools is fundamental in making good work. The only tools needed are as shown below.

Our famous upholstery tool is the track cutter.track cutter

We believe each installer should have one in his toolbox and one in the workshop. It is a powerful hand tool which has 3 great features.The cutter has a sharp blade, a long platform and a system of leverage making any cutting job so easy. You also will find the cutter useful for various applications.

Main upholstery tools: 4 spatulas.

These spatulas are very practical during the process of installing fabric on walls. Ergo spatula and metal spatula have a special blade designed to fit the fabric in the track. They equally do a good job.
The third is bay leaf spatula which works very well in tight spaces.
The forth named plastic spatula works as well on the track but just at the end. When the fabric is trimmed closed to the molding and the edge is exposed. This spatula does not damage these edges.

To summarize, we have altogether 5 items in the catalog. 1 cutter to cut the tracks in the desire length and 4 spatulas working in the tracks.

Another equally important tools are these which you may already have.
You will find a small choice of electric upholstery tools. Long Nose Stapler, Headless Pinner Nail Gun are items for sale in this website. Again, those staplers and nailers will help in many other handy work.

To conclude, all upholstery tools mentioned above are chosen to install a very unique track system. Some of you have already some upholstery tools which is fine. But, remember we got everything here for you next time.

Go to our Houzz page to see many more info or our Facebook page.All of the project have this exclusive track and each fabric is fitted with these upholstery tools. We also have a channel on YouTube.