The company VETHOMAN is all about wall upholstery. The owner-started years ago installing fabric on walls in residential homes. He travels across the United States to fit all kind of fabrics in beautiful house. He has a unique track that works in every situation. And it is totally different from other products. But the best part is once installed; it has a modern and clean finish. I invite to find out more on this line of tracks.

VETHOMAN’s products

To see them, go to their website at You will find tracks and upholstery tools needed for installation. You do not have to get our tools. Maybe you have already some of your own. Still, we recommend you to look at them and see how they work. Try yours. You know where to find them for the next time.

The principal track is a CES, making clean edge wall upholstery.  If you have experience, you will be fine. It is simple to install. For upholstery tools, we have not only a track cutter and spatulas but also special plates and staplers.

VETHOMAN is particularly proud of making all of these products available to other businesses.