Contour Wall System

1 box of 40 pieces x 94″long = 313 feet

Contour wall system replaces the traditional wooden slat.

A simple product perfect for fabric on walls which requires the use of decorative trimmings. Fit the flexible Contour Wall System as you would normally do if you were using wood trims. Staple the fabric on the CWS. Then add your pretty fabric edges like flat braid, welt or decorative nails. You are done.

Product bonus:

♥ It does not split like wood.

♥ Easy to cut in pieces even 45 degree angle.

♥ You install Contour Wall System with any staples or brad nails.

♥ It is discrete and made from white flexible material.
For cutting each piece, use the sharp track cutter tool.

To order tracks, call 512-539-9743


Contour Wall System: Fabric walls with added braids

Contour Wall System is a practical solution for hanging upholstery fabric on walls.
As you already know before hanging a fabric on a wall, we need to fix a strip of wood around the room. On this strip or slat, the fabric is stapled, then a decorative braid is added to hide the staples. Let me tell you why I do prefer my Contour Wall System or CWS instead.
Compare to the classic wood, I only find positive sides to this product.

Imagine a strip which does not fall apart, and leaves splitters in your fingers. A product clean to use without making a mess on the floor. A product where water or moisture is not an issue. Finally, you can cut it into very small pieces. You can even make miter corners!
I encourage you to watch a 30 seconds video. See how this sharp blade cuts CWS into pieces without any difficulties. You will like it.

How to fit the system?

When it comes to fitting the system to the wall, we prefer using brad nails. But, you can use other type of fasteners.

What staples do I use for the fabric?

We like ⅜ inch standard staples. They do not need to be any longer. Especially if they have to be removed in the future. Also, Contour wall system is ¼ inch, a good thickness to work with Dacron or polyester batting. Here are pictures of traditional wall upholstery using that track.

Can I use upholstery decorative nails on a contour wall system?

Yes of course, we have tested many times this product with upholstery nails. View the pictures in the thumbnail section. We tried various size. In case you need to remove one or several nails, you can do so. This strip does not split during the process.

However if for any reason after installing your project, you have to take the fabric down including the system. Pull the cloth then place a spatula under the strip to lift it away from the wall. Work slowly your way along each length. The removing procedure is much easier and cleaner too.

Contour Wall System remains invisible even with lighter fabric.

In case you wish to learn about a wall system that does not use nails or trim, see a track system for clean edges.

Length: 94″
Thickness: 1/4″
Width: 1 1/4″

Additional information

Dimensions 94 × 4 × 4 in

94" x 1 1/4" x 1/4"


1 box of 40 lengths





Weight per length

0.57 lbs