Fabric ceiling system

Fabric Ceiling System and Big Bracket

It is the perfect Duo for installing fabric on ceilings.
Mount the Big Bracket with the Big Boy Track to the perimeter of the ceiling, then tuck the fabric in the groove.

The system accepts and holds tight a variety of fabrics.

Also, if you combine a wide width fabrics, you will create a seamless finish to the ceiling. Ask for our special fabric in 197″ wide, just over 16 feet.

– Like all other tracks they are 94″ long.

– Projection once installed is ⅝”.

– Both tracks are sold in equal quantity. You will receive 15 lengths of Big Bracket and 15 of Big Boy tracks.
– A total of 117 feet or 39 yards


A new fabric ceiling system

Basically, there are two options for your ceiling project. Fabric covering on ceilings
First option would be to cover the whole ceiling using one piece of fabric.
This means you either sew the widths together like you would for a wall to wall installation. Or a great solution, that makes a clean, uniform finish is stretching a wider fabric across the ceiling. Therefore, you won’t have any seams.
If you are interested we provide 197″ wide fabric. Let us know.



Second option for covering a ceiling with fabric would be to divide the surface in small panels. Just wide enough to fit the width of the cloth. In this case, the fabrics are 48 or 54 inches.
But 66″ is much better for stretching on ceilings. Most of Guilford of Maine fabrics work well because they are a little wider than other standard fabrics. A few more inches goes a long way!
Each ceiling section has only one Big Bracket and one Big Boy Track. So, you won’t need to double the tracks because of the Big Bracket.
The fabric gets tuck in the same groove. It is the same process as making an outer corner. More information about in the video.

How to fit the tracks on ceiling?

In fact like other tracks, you will use ¾ inch brad nails for fitting the length of tracks.
Step 1. Place the Big Bracket on the ceiling, and fasten in the groove or at the base.

Step 2. Next add the Big Boy Track over and fasten on the flat part or at the foot. Brad nails go every 2″ apart.

The process of fabric covering on ceiling requires strength. Since there is a chance that you are by yourself, it would be best to be well equipped.
We recommend getting a few spatulas for holding the fabric in the track at the first stage. For that reason, we offer a special deal on spatulas. Use whatever works for you!

To conclude the duo Big bracket and Big Boy is a good fabric ceiling system and accepts a variety of textiles. Remember the wide width fabric for making seamless stretch ceiling. This textile is white and can be printed with an image of your choice. If you upholster a ceiling using this fabric, you can have a custom printed wall.
But for walls, we have our famous CES tracks system too!

Tips: If you wish to put fabric on walls and on ceiling, then, install the CES and the Big bracket at the same time. Just like if you were doing an inner corner. Also, you will need to access that space with a spatula to push your fabric in both track system.