Upholstery hand tool

The list of upholstery hand tool is quite short which is a good thing. Apart from electrical tools such as various type of staplers and brad nailers, you will need just a hand full of tools. This is what we can offer you.

For cutting the tracks, best is to have a track cutter, a sharp one, with inscriptions for making different angles cuts. Here is a wonderful tool that might interest you.

For working with the fabric around the track, try getting a selection of spatulas. Our principal upholstery tool is Ergo or metal spatula. Both are just great. Then, there is a bay leaf spatula with a narrow blade. Finally, the forth spatula is in plastic for working by delicate molding. Use it at the end of the fabric installation when, the blade touches the frame.

To view our tools, go to the shop section, you will find everything you need.

We have added in this website pictures of fabric on walls projects. Most of them are from private residence. For example, we show walls in bedroom, dining room and more with all kind of fabrics. We give you answer to any problems you come across.

wall upholstery tool kit
best fabric installer cutting and tucking tools
Wall upholstery tool kit


Wall upholstery tool kit | Strong American Built | $250.00

Our catalog of products has a wall upholstery tool kit of heavy-duty items. The set of tools includes 2 fabric tuckers, one rocky, one speed roller, one bay leaf including a plastic spatula.

These 6 essential upholstery tools will do a job at installing the fabric in the track from start to finish.

  • Tacker tucks the fabric in place on a wall or into a panel.
  • The Angle Tacker reaches in less accessible places.
  • Rocky is designed for inserting the fabric after it is tacked in the beginning. Rock it back and forth for pushing the fabric in the track.
  • Speed roller provides quick and steady insertion of the fabric. A short video is available soon.
  • Bay Leaf helps you access tight areas.
  • A Plastic spatula works very well against delicate molding. Use it at the last stage.

Pro set of tools | Cutting and Tucking | $365.00

New PRO PACKAGE is the complete set of tools plus Fabric Metal Spatula and the famous Track Cutter

More information below.

Call 512-539-9743 to order. IN STOCK

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Bay leaf spatula
Bay Leaf Spatula

Bay leaf spatula | Narrow head | $25.00

It is a must have on a wall upholstery job along with the metal spatula or Ergo spatula.
A useful small tool to finish inserting or pushing the fabric in tight and narrow space. Excellent quality and well made upholstery tool when working with Clean edge tracks ( C.E.S. or B.B. tracks).

To order a bay leal spatula, call 512-539-9743

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fabric metal spatula is a fitting tool with a wood handle used in wall upholstery
ergonomic handle fabric tucking spatula
Fabric metal spatula

Fabric Metal spatula, the best | $40.00 or $45.00

The perfect and necessary tool for tucking a fabric into the CES or Clean Edge System™. Use this spatula with a rocking motion. It is the best upholstery fabric on wall tool ever created for clean edge wall upholstery.
This fabric tucking tool works on all track systems on walls and ceilings.

Two different handles available

FABRIC METAL SPATULA has handle a flat wooden handle: $40.00

ERGO has a rounded ergonomic wood handle: $45.00

Further instruction on how to use it below.

Contact us at 512-539-9743 for your order of fabric stretching tools and other supplies

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plastic spatula wall upholstery
Plastic Spatula

Plastic spatula for delicate frames | $15.00 each

Specially design for inserting the fabric at the Clean edge system™ track. The spatula has a quarter circle form. Hold it in your hand, move the wrist back and forth to make a rocking motion.
A handy tool to use along ceiling or delicate molding. Made from white plastic only. It does not leaves any markings on frames.

How to use this product, read description below.

Special package of 10 plastic spatulas for $100.00

Call us at 512-539-9743 to order.


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Track cutter tool - upholstery tool
upholstery tool video
Track Cutter Tool

Track cutter tool | Strong build |

Our favorite track cutter tool is this product. It is strongly build and offer many great features.
We believe it is one of the best hand cutter making precision miter cuts. Our company recommends it for cutting our wall upholstery tracks; the famous Clean Edge System track. You will use all day without any difficulty.

What makes our track cutter tool different from others?


Read the answer below and watch the cutter in action.

Call to place your order at 512-539-9743

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