Fabric wall system: Basic installation

What is this fabric wall system called C.E.S or Clean Edge System?

It is a track unlike any other. In Brief, this track is not only slim and white but a flexible product. Because of all these features, it fits in homes. To build this frame, all you need is a C.E.S track, a cutter, and a brad nailer.

Before I go into more challenging installation, let us start with a simple fabric wall panel. In fact, you will be amazed after fitting a few lengths. How simple it is to work with CES track.

Look at a step by step installation. It takes under 2 minutes to watch the video. Once you master straight lines, you can learn on how to use it around curved moldings. This product is a flexible upholstery track.

There is also another good video on YouTube. A live tracks installation on a mock-up board. The complete process from start to finish. Here is a tip; a type of wall upholstery mock up like this one is great for presenting the work to your client.

Answer to challenging work

As you do know, some homes have more intricate moldings than others. Some have columns with decorative elements at the top, others have fancy window ledges. A window has various shape, straight, semi cercle, round or even oval. Clean Edge track handle all the above challenges. I suggest watching another video on upholstered walls. You will see example of  remarkable fancy moldings. CES works every time!

Are you ready to learn more on our Clean Edge Track? Do you know it is the only fabric wall system to be 94″ in length? I will add CES track is slim with a quart inch projection. But definitively up to the challenge. Try them out.