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Plastic Spatula

Plastic spatula for delicate frames

Specially designed to insert the fabric into the Clean edge system™ track. The spatula has a quarter circle form. Hold it in your hand, move the wrist back and forth to make a rocking motion.
A handy tool to use along ceiling or delicate molding. Made from white plastic only. It does not leaves any markings on frames. Read further…



Upholstery detailed description

Plastic spatula

Our plastic spatula is on piece of plastic material. It has the same shape as the metal spatula with a quarter circle designed for inserting the fabric easily in a wall upholstery track.

A plastic spatula works like a metal spatula. Press in with a rocking motion gets the fabric into the tracks. Both spatulas are well used during wall upholstery installation. You should consider acquiring them.

When do I need a plastic spatula?

Remember it is not at the beginning of an installation that you take it. Start fitting the fabric with an Ergo spatula. After the fabric is in correct and final position and  the cloth is cut down to about ½” to ⅜”.  Only then, this tool is used along ceilings or delicate moldings. Some wall finishes, framings are fragile like gold leaves or imitation. Lacquer paint and faux finishes too. We need to exercise prudence in such environment.

Made from white plastic, our spatula does not leave any markings on the frames or any flat surface.

With this in mind, all wall upholstery tools presented at Cleanedgesystem.com have a different purpose. Each one of them will accomplish a particular task during a fabric installation. We recommend a plastic spatula for tucking in remains of fabrics. Use it when moldings have delicate finishes.

See the bay leaf spatula for working in narrow spaces. It is a handy little tool too.


Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 0.5 in



0.2 lbs


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