Upholstery specialty tools and tracks

In this website you will find upholstery specialty tools. Before making them available to the trade, they all went through our hands. They all pass the test to work with our wall upholstery tracks. Therefore, you can be reassured that they will do a good job. If they work for us, these products will do the same for you.

Upholstery specialty tools categoriestrack cutter upholstery tools

For one thing, track cutter is among the most popular tool. This powerful cutter does perform extremely well in cutting our CES track and others too. Surely, it will save you a lot of time.
In the spatulas’ category, there are four items. Take the time to check them out. Each operates in different situation.
The last upholstery tools are staplers and brad nailers.
As you can see, the list of tools is not long. Majority of upholsterers already have they hand tools. Just add the ones that you are missing. Note, those items will be a good investment for your next project.