Dream track for traditional wall upholstery installation.

A wonderful popular new product for all upholsters and installers used in traditional wall upholstery.
Contour wall system ( CWS) replaces wooden slats. This track has many good advantages as it does not split like wood. It does not leave splinters in your fingers. A good news!
Coupled with this product does not crumble. Cut it in very small pieces and we guaranty that it will not break. His thickness is a quarter inch only like the clean edge system.
With this in mind, I invite you to see a few example of installations in this image slider. Learn about Contour wall system is our shop. Especially, the description, sizes and price. Please, click on the link for Contour Wall System. Place your order online or call us if you much prefer. Large order over 4 boxes, contact our company.

How to cut the track and install?

We have selected the perfect cutting tool for this track. As a matter of fact, our upholsterers use this hand tool every day and enjoy using it on all our items. The following tracks are CES, Wall contour system and Angle brackets. A video of the track cutter in action is available HERE. You will be surprised!

Use CWS the same way as any other slat. For traditional wall upholstery, try this product instead of wood. Staple or nail around the perimeter of the room. Fit the fabric then finish with the selected fabric trim. Lastly, decorative nails work wonderfully whatever size nails head. As shown above, Contour wall system has very nice features.
In fact, you will not find a convenient track as this one anywhere else.
We would like to hear from you and your feedback about this upholstery track. Thank you for leaving comments on this page.