Angle brackets track

Angle brackets track is an extremely handy product to use in clean edge wall upholstery. Let say that you have a wall with an open edge. There is no molding or framing. How do you stop the fabric or attached it along that edge? Here is a simple solution providing that you are installing a clean edge wall upholstery.

How to use angle brackets track?

Before you install a CES or Clean Edge System track on the wall, get an angle bracket. You need to place the bracket behind the CES track, then staple them together. Actually, we use a brad nailer.  There is a simple reason for that. Because, there is a good chance to find metal strips underneath the plaster. Nails work better on those strips. So, staples will come out or not going in properly.

After installing both tracks, take a metal spatula to insert the fabric between CES and the Angle bracket. Proceed the same way as if you had a frame.

In conclusion, it a safer to have a few lengths of bracket with you on a job. As you can see this product create a frame that you do not have originally. Remember to keep a little stock in your van or with your other tracks.