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Upholstery supplies for professionals

Upholstery supplies for installing fabric on walls

This website has a line of wall upholstery supplies including upholstery tools. Our goal is to make professional like you aware of a revolutionary track system that creates Clean Edge wall upholstery. A track called Clean Edge System. If you are an upholsterer, and installer or have a drapery workroom, you should investigate these specialty products.

All tracks and tools work in any project such as on walls, ceilings, alcoves, panels, window recess, and much more. Ultimately, after installation, these professional upholstery products contribute to making simple and elegant wall upholstery in private homes. These tracks are well adapted for residential interiors. They work in all situations in space, and that is why they are so unique. Already loved by many installers in wall upholstery!

Help for using these special products.
upholstery supplies

fabric stretched on CES track

To guide you through the short product line, we have various media presentation. You will find tutorial videos or slideshows. For instance, we explain how to install our tracks inside a panel. Or learn how and when to use an upholstery tool.
Documents, descriptions, pictures, videos are available to our future customers. For one thing, you will learn just about all there is to know on CES track, Big Bracket for ceiling and associated products.
Now, let’s look at some fun tools! Built by professional for all.

Reliable professional upholstery tools

The company searched for the best hand tools for using in installations without success.

So, a while ago, the owner launched a new line of tucking tools for pushing the fabric in the tracks. Each item is the result of many years of experience. The main goal was to create high quality tools that performed very well on upholstery projects. A line of 5 tools made from wood and strong Stainless Steel was born in 2019.

Those heavy duty items are built from high grade materials and manufacture in Texas. Get some professional upholstery products all year round, they are always in stock!

These upholstery tools went through the real-life test, hard and challenging fabric installation. They are use daily like track cutter or bay leaf spatula.
Let’s put it another way, VE THOMAN does not sale what is not working. Note, the upholstery tools list is short and includes mostly spatulas of various shapes.

Then, we compiled a tool kit of 5 takers and a plastic spatula. This package liked by installers gets a lot of attention. While working a few projects, you may want to treat yourself with fast performance tools. Take a peek at the wall upholstery tool kit.

For example, metal spatula is both an efficient, and comfortable to hold in one’s hand. A good heavy duty tool sold by itself.
Of course, the list of professional upholstery supplies does not stop here. Do browse through the shop to see them all.

More tracks: Traditional upholstery supplies with a modern twist

Additionally for those who prefer traditional wall upholstery, which requires to glue braids or double welt around the room. We have created a unique slat Contour Wall System. Without a doubt, it is the perfect replacement for wooden slat. Let say that it has much to offer. If you are interested read more on the product page contour wall system.

Our latest track works on ceilings. We call it Big Bracket because it is a little bigger than the other track. Once installed it holds firmly the fabric on ceilings. It has a total of ⅝” thickness.


As I mention earlier, you need to think about wall outlets in a room such as switches, sconces, and alarm. This accessory is equally good to put around electrical outlets. Moreover, a time saver.
What is this item? It is such a useful little plate! You will find a total of 3 type of plates. Two plates for switches that is one single and one double. The center has the the same size as a standard box. And the third, of course, sconces plates made with a round opening in the center. We manufacture them the same thickness as the track and the padding. It is a good idea, to always keep a few with you.

One last item but not least, we have added to our collection a wall padding. It is a little different from other products online. This one is wider and thicker than most batting.

To wrapped it up!

In conclusion, the tracks and tools, on this website are the only products found online for making clean edge wall upholstery in homes. It is a superior line of upholstery supplies for stretching fabric on walls. You have a lot to gain by trying them.
The work accomplished will have a superior finish all around.
So, why not discovering on a new fitting technique for your next upholstery projects. CleanEdgeSystem’s website helps you install professional work.
The beauty is you are getting all your wall upholstery products in one place! And all supplies are in stock. There is no 2 to 3 weeks delays because we know how important it is once a job is accepted, there is no time for delays on merchandise.
Many upholsterers trust already those high quality products and why don’t you!

For any question, don’t hesitate! A professional team is looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to leave a comment in the Facebook page. Also, if we have been helpful, it would awesome if you could share our website with others!

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  1. Dauffer

    I am very happy to have finally found a company like yours selling an innovative system for wall upholstery. It is just what my clients are looking for; a clean edge walls. Homeowners like contemporary edge with no fancy fabric borders. I am looking forward to trying your tracks and getting some hand tools for working my next project. Thank you for sending samples!

  2. VT

    I am also glad for you. Yes, it is true the clean edge track makes clean edge all around the room. Many professionals buy this product (CES track) because of the simple effect after the fabric is installed in a room. Enjoy the tracks!

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