Residential fabric track system

Each image presents wall upholstery installed with the same residential fabric track product. The common thread is the CES track. Clean Edge System™ works with wall to wall upholstery also in panels and ceilings too. Walls are treated like large panels. The track is svelte strong track and used in every type of installation.

Another key point of using a product such as this. Additional decorative trimmings like double welt or flat braid is not required. Above all with CES tracks, you will make clean edge wall upholstery for all style of interiors.

A good reason for changing to new wall system

The system works with pressure, no clips, glue tapes or staples to hold the fabric. In a nutshell, here is the process.
Fastened each length of tracks around the perimeter of the wall including opening if you have any.
Regarding open doorways, please read the note on the angle bracket. Add the padding to the wall.
Sew the width of fabrics together to make it fit on the entire surface. Start by fitting your material from the top in the CES track, using a metal spatula. Stretch all sides and work your way around the wall until well placed.
When secure, trim down the fabric and finish inserting the cloth.
Note we have a set of upholstery tools that we have created for working on all track systems. Each tool is unique.

Before installing for a client, get a box of CES, hand tools and make a wall in your workshop or a mock-up. Play with your fabrics. You will enjoy it like many other professionals. This track system is much stronger than what you think.

Stretched fabric near wood frames.

This invisible track fits close to the frame. Then the fabric is place into the track following the curves of the moldings.
To learn more on this wall upholstery product, visit our tutorial videos. Or go the wall upholstery track system page. You will read all you need to know on that amazing slim fabric track.

A reliable wall track system?

VETHOMAN utilizes extensively these tracks for residential installation. The company has install them in many interiors. Installers have stretched hundreds of yards of wall upholstery with much challenges. We are happy to share with you some of the pictures. All projects were and still successfully accomplished using that particular product. Clean Edge System™ tracks offer the solution for installing fabric in customs homes.

Now you have read what you could do in wall upholstery, watch the mock up videos. Then, get samples of tracks and padding too. See it for yourself.

Dare trying something different!

  • Do tracks work in home? Yes, especially in residential interiors.
  • In what type of rooms? In the entire house, from bedroom, dining room, living area, media room, hallways, even powder room
  • What about a room with fancy wood framing? CES tracks works very well because it is flexible and slim
  • If you have other questions, ask us!
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