Upholstered walls video

It takes 2.17 minutes to watch this upholstered walls video. It is a general overview of wall upholstery installation.
You may not know our incredible residential track for wall upholstery. And, you may ask yourself how is it possible to have nice fabric walls like these.

You may also wonder; What are the types of project that works with clean edge system™ Flexible upholstery track.
How does it fits in such difficult places?

Please look at the video to the end. We are showing a few upholstered walls challenges and stunning finishes. In short, the video starts with images of wall upholstery in different area in a home. Then, there are a few pictures showing the 3 steps for installation.

Learn about our upholstery tracks

Now that you have seen work accomplished by CES tracks. You would like to learn more on this product. We have all kind of information such as video tutorials. Each product has a full description and instruction on how to use it. Do not forget to check out upholstery tools.

Hundred percent of the images are wall upholstery project installed with our products.
Clean Edge System does not need additional fabric border by the edges, but Contour Wall System does. This second product is a slat great as it replaces the traditional wooden strips.

If you wish to speak to a live person and have a question, call us or send us a message.
Also, by filling the form out online, you can request samples of the fabric track system.

Wall upholstery changes a room completely, adding visual interest. The benefit of a fabric on a wall is the aesthetic and acoustic.

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