A unique fabric wall track system

Fabric wall track system works in all situation that we come across in wall upholstery.  A simple track that makes any shape of framework that holds the fabric in place. If you look at our portfolio, you will understand exactly what we mean.

In brief, the simple system fits in residential homes in whatever style. What makes this product even more appealing is it’s clean edge. And no white edge either. Actually, Interior designers like this clean edge feature. Let me explain why.

There is no stapling involved around the fabric. The material goes against the framing and that’s it. So, cord or braid is not added to the edge. The fabric has a lighter and simple finish. Therefore, fabric walls are clean and elegant. This is the reason as why professional ask for it.
As a matter of fact, Clean edge wall upholstery goes so well in modern interiors.

As shown above, this track called Clean Edge System™ needs definitely your attention.

Anyone interested in learning about this fabric track system? Visit CleanEdge System.com. A lot of information is provided on this website included images, video tutorials.

Tip: Fitting tracks on walls in a home is not always straight forward. For example using a ladder in a staircase could be awkward. For this reason, we have selected the best ladder. The little Giant has strong, safe and versatile products.
We install our line of tracks system in many uneven floors. We highly recommend them for your wall upholstery projects.