Fabric wall upholstery


If you are going to install fabric wall upholstery, you need to get upholstery supplies. So, your success depends on the quality of products you choose.

Your product must be not only of good quality but easy to use on the walls. But most of all fit around many types of moldings found in a home. These frames are of many shapes forms and depths.
The supplies will include some kind of tracks or slats and upholstery tools.
You will find everything you need right here.

We have a clean edge system™ track. An incredible slim and strong product for installing clean edge fabric wall upholstery.
View all the photos on the website and see the beautiful result. No fabric edging required for this one.
Also there is a Contour wall system, a simple slat created to replace the wooden ones. Use this product if you have to add decorative fabric welt on the edge.

Finally, after selecting tracks, get your upholstery hand tools. Now if you need help, you can always contact us.