Upholstered walls supplies

CleanEdgeSystem.com has all upholstered walls supplies in one place. On this website, you will find two kinds of tracks and power tools including small hand tools.
Upholsterers are able to make every type of wall upholstery installation with products offered online. It includes wall to wall upholstery and fabric wall panels.
Of course, our tracks work on walls and ceilings too. As a matter of fact, around shaped moldings which is a great bonus. There is a great number of pictures in the portfolio to back up this statement. Here is the links to wall upholstery images.

Furthermore, this simple line of upholstery supplies makes beautiful fabric walls in residential homes. Actually, simplicity for the walls is what homeowners and designers like. So for your high-end project, try our upholstered walls supplies. Ask us for tracks samples and information on the items that you have seen. We are looking to sending products to your workshop.