Fabric around outlets: What to do?

Some fabric around wall outlets could be a tricky installation. And it is a detail that will surely make a big difference with the end result. Most installers deal with outlets in two ways. An upholsterer can staple the padding and the fabric either on the edge of wall outlets. Or place wood sticks around the outlet box then staple the fabric onto it.

The result of the first technique is once the switch cover is back on the wall. It will sink in.
Is this what your customer wants?
The second option requires much preparation which is cutting wood strips. The drawback is dust and time-consuming. Also, a wood split could potentially damage the cloth. Lastly, it will show through a light fabric.
In conclusion, both of these installations are not the top choice in wall upholstery.

Fittings at outlets boxes: What is the best solution?

The third option saves hassle and time. The solution is a compensation switch plate. This tutorial video shows the installation for single, double and larger electrical outlets. Besides product like this one offers a few advantages. The plates existent in two sizes and are already to the correct measurements for fitting around outlets. They do not split and are invisible under a pale color fabric. In short, installing those plates is a quick procedure. From now on, you are going to enjoy working by switches and outlets.

Here is the link to the video: How to install the plates on the walls

Working close to wall sconces: What do I use?

In fact, there is one more wall feature that we need to take care off. That is wall lights or ceiling lights too.
Wall sconce plate is a similar item but a little bigger. You find it on the same page as compensation switch plates. Plates are square and the center not rectangular but round. Wall light will rests over the fabric and the plate stops a sconce from sinking in the fabric wall.

If for some reason, the plate needs cutting use a cutter. Try our track cutter. It is actually in the video.

To conclude, the fitting of an outlet plate over a fabric is a quick and clean process because of the compensation plates.

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