Fabric wall panels ideas

Sometimes fabric wall panels are a better option for a room. But, I am not taking about removable art work covered with fabric.

For instance, the wall has several divisions making panels. In most case, each section has a very nice frame. A fabric is installed inside each frame. Actually, there is a trend which is not to have anymore wooden framing. All panels are touching each other.

CES Track makes clean fabric wall panels

As a matter of fact,the company VETHOMAN has a good solution for keeping fabric panels as simple as possible. It is a fabric track system.
A Clean Edge System track makes clean panels. For learning on this product, start watching at some tutorial videos on how to install fabric wall panels. You will see a few examples of wall upholstery work in residential homes. Then, you can read about each product individually in the shop page. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.