CES track for a fabric installation

The process of a wall upholstery track installation is quite an easy one. Of course, it may be different from what you have experienced in the past. I can assure you that you will learn quickly. After a few lengths installed, you will feel more comfortable and gain speed. The trick is not to rush at first. Practice with a mock-up, in your workshop or in your own home. Therefore, you will be well prepared when it comes fitting them at a client’s house.


Video part 1
How to cut the track
How to install the fabric track around the frame.

Video part 2
Fitting a layer of padding
How to install the fabric.
How to use hand tools

How to install a Clean Edge System

  1. Use your track cutter for making a 45 degree angle at one end of the track.
  2. Take a brad nailer and place CES track against the molding. Don’t press too hard, let it just rest.
  3. Start nailing it every 2 to 3″ apart. Stop before reaching the corner.
  4. With a pencil, mark the end where you need to cut the track. Use a track cutter tool and cut along the line. Verify it fits well on the wall, not too long or not too short. Then cut at 45- degree angle. Finish nailing up to the corner.
  5. Take another piece of track and make your angle at one end. Place it to make a mitered corner and fix the track to the wall.
  6. Repeat these steps until you are back from where you started.
  7. Next the openings like doors and windows.
  8. Once you are done with the track installation, you need to take care of the outlets. We have something special, ready made switch plates.
  9. Congratulation! you have complete your first upholstery track installation.
  10. Next, the fabric. View the part 2 video that shows how to use the tools for the fabric installation.

Helpful information on tracks

Tips: On a job, begin your installation with vertical corners. Place two tracks facing each other and staple simultaneously. Do not forget to cut angles at the extremities. Then proceed with the perimeter of the room.

When we say staple the track, we do mean not regular staples but brad nails. It is proven to be the best way to attach track.

We do have a brochure that will guide you on how to install a fabric track. Please read it with care as it is full of information. Customers can see the full list wall upholstery tracks at CleanEdgeSystem.com in the shop section. By the same token, get some upholstery tools for installing your CES. There is a good panel of quality products. Investing in a few tools for your first job is a good idea. You will use them happily on every future project.

Link to our Youtube Channel at Wall Upholstery Supplies.