Fabric wall covering system for homes

VE THOMAN supplies fabric wall covering system for professionals. We provide your company with tracks and upholstery tools and we let you taking care of the fabric. Tracks are not only for walls but also for ceilings too.

Furthermore, all the accessories like compensation plates for scones and outlets contribute in the best wall upholstery possible. In addition upholstery tools have specific shapes for working in various area or condition.

To guide you through the process of installation, we made tutorial videos on the fabric wall covering system. And images of interiors with wall upholstery are there to witness the very good results.

At this point, you may wonder what is so special about our system. First and foremost is the edges. The fabric by the moldings has a clean edge finish. A detail that makes a world of difference. As a result we see more and more fabric walls in contemporary homes.

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