wall upholstery video instructions
These few video instructions will guide and help with our wall upholstery supplies. It includes the tracks and upholstery tools.

For example the Upholstery tool video presents our famous track cutter tool. See how performance this product is at cutting upholstery tracks.

The fabric wall system video instructions shows CES track being installed in a panel. Simple 1,2,3 process which is measuring, cutting and fitting to the wall.

The next video is similar to the previous one but with much more details. All hand tools needed for an installation and how to use them. In fact, you will see notes, tips, and things to look for.

Another good tutorial is the fabric around outlets. What to do with all electrical outlets? A one minute video presenting a product compensation switch plate. As a result, you will gain time using these little plates.

Other videos show interior walls upholstered using CES track system and contour wall system.