What is a compensation sconce plate?

In wall upholstery a compensation sconce plate raises the light feature to the same level as the upholstered wall. This plate or flange fits on wall or ceiling. It is a square plate 6″ by 6″ with a round hole in the middle. The thickness is a quarter inch, the same as the fabric track system.


How to extend a light box?

After installation of tracks on the perimeter of a room, an upholstery needs to take care of wall features. So, he removes the sconce, secure electrical wires and push them into the wall. But, it is best not to have them installed at all. Or ask an electrician to take care of the wall and ceiling lights.
Then, he places a plate in the front of the hole and fix using 8 or 9 brad nails.  At this time, he adds some wall padding.  And remove the batting from the flange. Cut at the outer edge the plate.

Fast forward to the final stage. Once the fabric is installed and the fabric is clear from the hole, the sconce fits onto that plate. It acts as a flange for fixing wall light or ceiling  lights.

To conclude, the idea behind a product like this is having all wall and ceiling devices at the same level as the fabric to create a good finish.

Tips:  Use this plate extender at ceiling features such as spot lights. It is wide enough to accommodate most type of lights.


Other product much alike

Actually, there is a very similar product that you can use also on walls. It is a compensation switch plate working around electrical outlets.
A switch plate gets install exactly like a sconce plate. Remember you have other device in a room; motion sensor, timer, dimer and more.

Both plates are quick and easy to fit on walls.

Our YouTube video channel has several presentations including a tutorial on switch plate.