Upholstery wall new strips

Wooden strips your time are over! There is a replacement for these upholstery wall strips. A product making any job much faster and cleaner. We call it the Contour Wall System.

Let’s be honest, wood is not convenient at all. The sheet of wood needs cutting into lengths using a table saw. Each piece must be as straight as possible for keeping it in line next to moldings. Then you might need a circular saw for cutting strips into the final measurement before fitting to the wall. And all of a sudden, dust spreads everywhere!
An additional negative side is wood splinters. In fact, some fabrics are far too delicate, and you may take the risk of damaging the cloth. This is the last thing you need after this hard work.

Positive sides of the ready made strips

First, the strips are send in a strong tube and inside you will find 40 lengths of 94″ long. Dimensions are ¼” thick by 1 ¼”wide.
Second, compared to wooden slats, this strip is a white Polymer which is a good thing for working with paler and thinner fabrics.
Finally, we have such a nice cutter that You will enjoy cutting through our upholstery wall strips. The video on this page shows how painless it is to use it.

Not to mention that our strip is very easy to remove from the wall. In case you have to pull it out, just place a small crowbar or a thick spatula under it then lift.

Actually, there are other use of this upholstery strip. For instance, working by outlets . Check out this page.

Conclusion, we offer a product that is the solution for fabric installation using flat braid or cord. It is quick to install without the mess and the noise caused by the wood and machinery for cutting. You will like our ready made wall strips!

These pictures show a wall upholstery installation made using Contour Wall System.