Wall Upholstery Strips

Upholstery strips are use for two different purposes.

The first one called Contour Wall System is use for traditional wall upholstery using   additional decorative trimming such as double welt or nails.

Contour wall system is created as a replacement to wooden slat. Take it out of the box and cut with a track cutter. It is easy to handle while installing in a home, no dust, no mess involved.

Fit the length of upholstery strips by the framings around the room. Then, simply staple any fabric onto it. Trim the fabric and hide staples with decorative edging.

So, if you have a project which includes stretched fabric and fancy trims. Then, you do have the right strip for the job.This product offers more advantages than wood slats.

trim with decorative nails

Read about the benefits on this page. One of them is in fact the use of brass nails. Look at the photo attached, nails are very close to the edge.

The second is Compensation Stick. Professionals like working with this because it makes beautiful straight corners. For outer corners place it just over the edge. The fabric wrapped at the corner creating a clean edge at the angle. Further information on the installation at the compensation stick page.

In conclusion, if your client wishes to have a wall upholstery with braid, contour wall system is a good track to try.  For clean vertical edge at outer cover choose a compensation stick.

Don’t forget to check out the padding  for your walls! To request samples, feel up this form.