Beautiful classic Wall Upholstery

Do you have a classic wall upholstery project such as a wall to wall installation?

And you need a reliable system to impress your client. CleanEdgeSystem™.com has quality upholstery tracks and tools to do a very good job.

In the shop section, there is 2 types of simple tracks, CES tracks and Contour Wall System. Then, you will find the small upholstery tools for working with these tracks and the fabric.

For instance, if you decide installing wall upholstery with additional braid on the edges. We would suggest getting a track called Contour Wall System. In fact, you will enjoy using this product as it is ready to use. Compared to wood strips, Contour Wall System has only positive sides. Just take one out of the box and start fitting around the room.

Each length is 94″ long by 0.25″ in thickness. We have a video available showing how we easily cut it with a sharp cutter.

On the other hand if you wish not to add decorative trimming, then choose the CES tracks.

This method is different for the previous because the fabric is not stapled onto the track.  If you are interested to learn about this fitting technique ,I suggest videos on YouTube. Click on the link mock up video to start watching an installation from start to finish.

Remember, all products have been tested and installed successfully in many homes.