Bay leaf tool is an upholstery product

Installers who do not have a bay leaf tool spatula, it might be a good idea to get one. To install fabric on walls, an upholsterer needs all kind of little upholstery tools.
As you already know, there are always small and tight spaces in a room. So. for working with fabric in narrow angle, this is the ideal spatula as it reaches where others do not.
First of all, it has a long and narrow blade that is just what you need. You will tuck the fabric easily into the track. We do keep it close to us while working around detailed molding or behind doors. Lets look at this item.

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Bay leaf spatula has a tempered steel blade, drop forged. The little tip of the spatula is just great. The wood handle has a brass ferrule. Overall, this product is well-made and good quality. We have this upholstery tool for many years and still in very good shape. Note that we do not use our spatula for other work apart from wall upholstery.

To conclude, it is worth looking into spatula like this one for your upholstery project. It is a small investment, which could solve minor problems. Have a back up! Keep a bay leaf with you!

Bay leaf spatula
Bay Leaf Spatula

Bay leaf spatula | Narrow head | $25.00

It is a must have on a wall upholstery job along with the metal spatula or Ergo spatula.
A useful small tool to finish inserting or pushing the fabric in tight and narrow space. Excellent quality and well made upholstery tool when working with Clean edge tracks ( C.E.S. or B.B. tracks).

To order a bay leal spatula, call 512-539-9743

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