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Narrow Crown Stapler – 18 Gauge

Narrow Crown Stapler

A powerful slim 1/4″ narrow crown stapler is a quality wall upholstery tool.
VE THOMAN uses a narrow nose stapler for his own job. It is a good stapler to attach tracks on walls in tight spaces. This type of stapler is perfect to carry in your toolbox. Read more and watch the video



Upholstery detailed description

Narrow Crown Stapler

For working in difficult spaces, a ¼” narrow crown stapler becomes very handy.
An industrial strength fastener like this one is definitely a good choice. The length of staples ranges from 3/8″ to 1 1/4″

The principal feature of the narrow crown stapler is its extended nose. Stapling in tight angles can be awkward and time consuming. For this reason, we have selected this tool. A long nose is the perfect stapler for fastening tracks with precision close to frames and beams.

Another good feature for this lightweight tool is a quick reloading mechanism. Also, we find the handgrip to be comfortable and holding it for several hours is just fine. To conclude, for working in these spaces, a narrow crown stapler or a brad nailers are both preferred tools. In other words, VE THOMAN recommends using either of them for wall upholstery.
Yet, every upholsterer should carry a few staplers in his toolbox such as this one. In the meantime, good tools make good upholsterers! Don’t you agree?

Narrow crown stapler has other interesting features;

It has a quick release nose cover to expel jammed staples.
It possesses a 360° adjustable exhaust cover. Making this tool able to work in any place.
Finally, a safety mechanism prevents from accidental firing of the stapler.

Furthermore, a narrow crown stapler is practical in wood applications as well; For example, making heavy cabinet assembly, hardwood shelving fixtures, and more. Use it indoor and outdoor fastening in tight spaces. Try a narrow crown stapler, enjoy it as much as we do. Maybe one day you will be glad to find one in your worshop.

18 Gauge. ¼” Crown stapler – 9032 Here is the link to Grex page

Operating pressure: 70 ~ 100 psi (4.1 ~7 bars)
Fastener type: 18 Gauge, 1/4″ Crown Staples
Range: ⅜”~ 1/ 1/4″ (10mm ~ 32mm)
Magazine capacity: Approx.150 staples
Air Inlet 1/4″ (6mm) NPT male plug


Weight4.5 lbs


Staples range

3/8" ~ 1 1/4"

Stapler dimensions

11.5" Long x 9" High x 2" Wide

Stapler weight

2.4 lb

Case included

Delivered in a case is 9" x 8 1/4" x 2" Owner's manual included.

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