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Compensation Switch Plate

1 set of 7 plates available in two sizes 

VETHOMAN introduces Compensation Switch Plate and Sconce Plate.

It is a handy product to use around outlets in wall upholstery.
How many electrical outlets, light switches and wall sconces do you have to take care during an installation? Quite a few!
They need to be raised at the same level as the fabric. To avoid plate covers from sinking into the wall, we highly recommend getting a compensation switch plate or sconce plate.
These are specially created and designed by VETHOMAN to make quality installation.
Furthermore, a compensation switch plate saves precious installation time. 

For your convenience, we have two different sizes; single and double plate.
For multiple switches, use the double plate, cut in half vertically, add a piece of compensation stick in between to make an extend plate. ⇐ Look at the thumbnails pictures.
How to install? Watch the video on Youtube or just below.

For further description, read about compensation switch plate below. 



Upholstery detailed description

Why should you use a compensation switch plate?

We created a compensation switch plate for 2 reasons. First, for making a good installation. Second for saving time on a job. A standard room has up to 8 electrical boxes. Instead of measuring, cutting and fitting the 4 pieces one by one, think about the gain of time. Just hold a compensation switch plate on the wall over the open outlet, then fix with finishing nails.
You are done in less then 30 second.
Furthermore we are guaranteed that the plate will not split while nailing to the wall. The entire room will be finish in no time!

Another place to use them is around a thermostat, a wall remote control, or an alarm box. In most cases, a room has single and double switches, but what about three?
What if there is more than 2, side by side?
Here is the answer. For 3 and 4 in line switches, add an extension. Cut a small length of compensation stick with the track cutter tool, next, place it in between two halves of the double plate. ⇒ See picture

For further info on compensation stick go to this page; here is the linkFor cutting and fitting our compensation switch plate, look for other upholstery supplies in the shop.

Compensation switch plate becomes Sconce plate

In fact, those plates are installed the same way as switch plates.Sconce plates have a larger plate to accommodate all sizes of wall features. Screw directly into the plate to fix a wall sconce’s.
Finally, like all other products found at CleanEdgeSytem™.com, these 3 plates are white. They do not show through lighter color fabric.
Switch plates:
Two sizes: Single plate 6″x 4″ | Double plate 6″x 6 ½”
Thickness: 1/4″
Color: White
Sconce plates:
One size: plate 6 ½”x 6 ½”
Thickness: ¼”
Same color: White
Feel free to let us know what you think on these items, especially on the plates. We hope you will enjoy using the compensation switch plate and sconces plate as much as we do.


Weight25.00 lbs

1 box of 7 plates






Double, Sconces, Single

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