Long Nose Stapler – 21 Gauge

½” Crown – Long Nose Stapler | $179.00

For project requiring longer reach, use a long nose stapler. This tool gives easy access to difficult areas. Stapling closer to the ceiling, moldings, beams or by the edge of difficult windows. VETHOMAN has several long nose in his workshop. You can’t miss it, it’s an apple green color. We enjoy working all day long with this compact stapler.

Why should you get this stapler like this one? Read the description…

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Long nose stapler is compact and slim tool.

A long nose stapler, 21 gauge is definitely a good tool to keep with you at all time. Wall upholstery project brings all kind of challenges. Fastening the padding or foam on walls in enclosed area takes patience and more care. Furthermore, for efficient, speed and good result, we need the right upholstery tools.

Our company suggests the use of long nose stapler for working in places difficult to reach. If you have some narrow spaces such as behind doors close to a corner, it is the perfect light weight upholstery tool.
Click on the link to see pictures of interiors with large molding and small spaces. Link. In the portfolio you have also other images of similar work in very closed area.

Equally important is the fastener capacity to take a wider range of staple sizes. Ranging from 3/16″ to 5/8″.

Another convenient feature is the excellent hand grip. Its rubber handle has a comfortable and firm hold. The color of this stapler, granny smith green apple is fun. Easy to find in your tool box or on the floor. Besides, it quickly catches your eyes.

Why consider the purchase of a long nose stapler?

Well, examine the quality of this stapler. All features listed above makes this tool a bargain compared to the price and quality of similar brand. In short. Whatever brand name you have, be certain that you will need one soon enough.

At the same time, a long nose stapler is also very useful in many other upholstery applications; to attached fabric on cornices, light wood assembly, also box spring, mattress covers, automobile interiors and much more.

Long Nose Stapler 21 Gauge. 1/2″ Crown

Specifications: 80 ADLNS
Operating pressure: 70 ~ 100 psi (4.1 ~7 bars)
Fastener type: 21 Gauge, 1/2″ Crown Staples
Range: 3/16″~ 5/8″ (5mm ~ 16mm)
Loading capacity: Approx.100 staples
Air Inlet 1/4″ (6mm) NPT male plug

Additional information

Weight4.5 lbs


Staples size

1/2"crown staples

Stapler dimensions

8.5" Long x 8" High x 1.5" Wide

Stapler weight

2 lb

Case included

Delivered in a case is 9" x 8 1/4" x 2" Owner's manual included.