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Since it’s founding in 2005, V.E. THOMAN has established itself as the most unique business in wall upholsteryinstallation. The company uses highly innovative clean edge tracks for residential homes. These tracks are named clean edge system because it makes clean and simple finishes. CleanEdgeSystem™.com is a VETHOMAN ‘s website making available all these supplies. Clean Edge System™ tracks and associated products are accessible to professionals in the industry.
In today society, most homeowners taste lean towards simplicity and clean lines when it comes to interior decors. This particular line of products fits perfectly in contemporary environment. The company believes that a great job starts with quality products. Try them!

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Eric A. Thoman is the founder of V.E THOMAN, LLC. Born in the United States and raised in Paris, France, Eric learned his trade as a Master Craftsman. He studied at Ecole d’ Ameublement de Paris, Ecole de la Bonne Graine. He acquired an extensive experience working for the finest workshop. As time past, Eric’s passion for wall upholstery grew. Among, the list of famous historic monuments in Europe, Eric’s work is visible at Château de Versailles, Château La Malmaison just to name a few. He travelled in the Middle East, in Bahrain, for the Saudi Arabian Royal Family. Then, moved to Casablanca, Morocco where he managed the Upholstery Department for the King’s palaces.

Some years ago, Eric finally achieved is goal with clean edge system track. Also, he has invented a range of items complimentary such as compensation switch plates for outlets, scones plates and spatula. He is still working on new products to improve wall upholstery installation. Eric works with his products over and over until each item has past the test. Before they get into your hands.
All supplies including upholstery hand tools are selected for their efficiency and strength. Ultimately, Mr.Thoman is committed to provide his customers with the best tools.

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